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What is a project's RAID log?

Some believe project logs are no longer useful for Agile projects. Nothing would be further from the truth.
But what is a project log? Read more..

Getting Started

Kinalta is very easy to use. But it is also very powerful. You can use it in many different ways. These articles show how to do those important tasks to get you started. Read more..

What is Agile productivity?

The most common approach is to measure Scrum itself. This would include metrics measure progress within a sprint.
Another approach is to measure Lean. This would include metrics measuring how work is flowing.  Read more..

How to do Lean project management?

Kanban is a visual production management system. It helps deliver orders on a continuous basis with the most efficient use of resources (time, people, money). It uses typically simple white boards and paper cards or post-it notes.   Read more..


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