Release Notes


  • Cosmetic changes (some colors, labels)
  • server maintenance and networking optimization


  • Image Preview
    It is now possible to quickly get a preview of files attached to a project. This works only when the file is an image (png, gif, jpg, svg, webp). In file lists, a preview button will show up when applicable, or in edit mode, the preview button shows up next to the file name
  • server maintenance (security, stability, performance)


  • Email and Login change
    The app now sends login information from the kinalta's email address. Please add to your contacts to make sure you receive all logins and notifications. 
  • Timer displays the current time working on a task (instead of no duration until stopwatch stopped).
  • Maintenance for security, and performance.
    Small other adjustments, including links to tutorials now pointing to the new web site.


  • Kinalta (formerly Sam9000 Agille)
    We are very excited to introduce major improvements to our Agile app. Along with these new improvements, we are thrilled to introduce a new name.
    SAM9000 Agile is now simply Kinalta.
    We are still the same company and team, passionnate about Agile and great software. We wanted to make clearer the difference between our products and activities; separate consulting services, education and our Agile apps. We also spent a lot of time to improve the software.
    Kinalta is not extremely different from Sam9000 as an app. However, we changed drastically some features to make it easier to use. see below for some of the details.
kinalta tasks

Easier Navigation

We consolidated all navigation on the left "burger" as it is called. This is the menu you see on the left.
Before this release, menus were split in two. One section on the top bar, and one section of the left bar. Now, everything is on the left bar, made of main menu sections and their related choices opening as needed below. It is much easier to know where you are and what you can do.

  • Less emphasis on Scrum
    Kinalta is really a Lean Thinking tool. You can use it for Scrum, but really it shines in a Lean environment.
    The difference is the focus on flow and managing the work in progress. As before you can use Kanban or completely ignore Kanban features in Kinalta. But the system is really based on Lean office, elimination of waste and focus on flow and the value stream. see more articles.
  • Full support for smartphones and tablets
    It was possible to use Sam9000 on smartphones before. However, with Kinalta, we redesigned entirely the mobile phone experience.
    It is now very easy and possible to use Kinalta on smartphones, often, and without limitations.
    We now have a simple navigation (with the left burger menu) and clearer interface in mobile mode.
  • If you are using Kinalta without install
    If you login directly using a bookmark in Chrome, Safari, Edge, Firefox etc..., you should change the bookmark to the new address. The old address still works for now, but it is better to switch if you can.
  • If you installed Sam9000
    If you installed the app on your PC or laptop, it will also still work. Although optional, we recommend you uninstall it (on windows and mac, click the app info button top bar if the window. It looks like 3 vertical dots. And select uninstall). Then go to using Chrome and select "+ or Install" in the address bar.
    On smartphones a pop up should offer to install Kinalta, accept this.
  • Install is optional, but offer a nicer experience
    So if you do nothing special, and simply login the way you did before, everything should work.. and you will still automatically upgrade to Kinalta. Reinstall is recommended but not mandatory.

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