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Unlimited Projects
Unlimited Users
Unlimited Tasks
Scheduling, Project Priorities

File sharing

Document Management
Memos and RAID Logs
File Sharing and Receiving
100 GB storage included

and more...

Integrate Emails into Projects
Share emails/attachments
Time-sheets and Time Tracking
3D Kanban

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Kinalta - Agile Task Management for Increased Productivity.
Our simple stack system allows for easy adjustment of project priorities,
ensuring you always work on the most important initiatives first.

Automatically aligns all team tasks and dashboards for seamless collaboration and successful project completion.
Try our solution for simplified project management and improved productivity today!

Project Priorities

Our simple stack system allows you to constantly shift the priority of your projects with ease. This ensures that you're always working on the most important initiatives first, increasing your productivity and ensuring success.

Unlike other systems, project priorities automatically affect all tasks in your team, as well as all dashboards. This ensures that everyone is on the same page, working towards the same goals. With Kinalta, you'll be able to manage your projects with ease, and achieve success in no time.

Note: Kinalta was designed for Agile lean projects, with work in progress (WIP) in mind. If your projects are date based, like events, Kinalta is not ideal. When you need to manage operations for a team of knowledge workers, Kinalta is your best choice.

kinalta kanban
kinalta file sharing
File Sharing

Do you need to receive large files from clients?
Or maybe you need to Share a Download link for very large files (up to 25 GB!)?

With Kinalta, you can easily receive and send files. We get you started with 100 GB of encrypted and secure cloud storage.
You can assign emails to projects. With Artificial Intelligence, Kinalta does it automatically for you whenever possible.

Kinalta is better because everything is linked to a project.

kinalta tasks
Tasks, Time Tracking

Kinalta manages your day, suggesting tasks to do next. It keeps track of your emails and notes for each project.
Kinalta remembers what was said, when and why.

Sometimes it is important to know how long you spend on a specific task or project. With Kinalta, easily start a stopwatch. It will measure how long you spend in an activity.

Check the total per project, but also per week, month, year. Or break it down per team member specifically.

Kanban 3D!

Organize all your projects in the global team Kanban board. Follow their progress. Each card is an entire project.

With one click, drill down and open any specific project's Kanban board. Kinalta makes it easy to follow dozens of projects this way.

Our AI-powered scheduler consolidates all tasks assigned to you on a personal Kanban dashboard, ensuring seamless synchronization across all levels and teams. Get a better overview of your work and improve team collaboration with Kinalta. Try it now!

kinalta 3D kanban

General FAQ

It is unlimited. You simply invite your team members by adding them in the Setup panel. They will receive an email with instructions.
That being said, Kinalta is designed to help Agile teams. Beyond a certain size, it becomes impractical to have too many users. For larger organizations it would make more sense to have several Kinalta accounts, one per logical team. Still, we do not limit the number of users.

From any device : desktop, Mac, Windows, Linux, iPad, iPhone, Android, from anywhere in the world.
Simply use a web browser and go to :

Surprisingly, not at all!
Kinalta helps teams, or even solo users, with their tasks, their files, and even emails, as long as you are busy with projects.
You can use Sam in a Scrum environment, Scrumban, Lean / Kanban. You could even use Sam in a traditional Waterfall environment.
Sam uses simple lists anyone can understand and use in their own workflow. Of course, Kanban views are always available when you need them. You can configure the software to default to Kanban view or List view.

Yes, you can. You simply configure your email account. We support IMAP accounts, for Office 365, GMail, Yahoo and many others.
You do not have to use emails. Some projects do not require them. But if you need them, this feature is priceless.

First you login with a unique, one time code sent to your email. There is no password to remember, and nothing to hack. As a result, access to your account and files is extremely secure.
Second, all files are encrypted with military grade 256 bit AES on disk. All transmissions are always encrypted between this storage and your device, anywhere in the world. Nobody can intercept and decrypt your files.
Third, all files are copied multiple times on different servers, to avoid losing them or corrupting them. This is why, internally, a 100 GB storage is in fact several times this size, for this redundancy.
We take your business files very seriously and their security even more seriously.

We use email support. Simply use the button in the right (?) top menu in the app, to get to the support option. You may also use support @ 
Find out more on our LinkedIn product page or company page.

File Sharing FAQ

Each file can be up to 25 GB.
You do need enough available storage on your account prior to the upload. Also, you need a good internet speed for uploads, not just downloads. There is a time limit of two hours for your upload. If you cannot upload within this time, the upload will be discarded.

Absolutely not!
We created Kinalta Files to make it easy to share with a simple web link. No need to register. Typically no need for a password either. The link is not guessable. Simply provide it to whomever you want to. That is it.

Public links are not permanent. They always have an expiry date.
However, you decide of the expiry date. You can expire the link the next day or in 10 years. You may also deactivate a shared link at any time, for any reason.

Yes, this is a great feature for businesses.
You select first the project you want the file to go, and you click "Get Guest Uplink". This generates a specific link and code.
Copy paste this message in an email. Send it to the 3rd party.
They do not need to register at Kinalta or have access to your account (!). This link will prompt them for the code you provided them in the email.
They pick the file on their computer, smartphone, etc.. and upload.
When the file arrives there will be an alert on your Kinalta Files dashboard. You can accept the upload and it automatically goes in the right project!
They can send huge files to you, up to 25 GB per file! and 10 at a time.

Durability is the measure of how permanent your files are. Disks fail, servers break down, it takes a lot of engineering to ensure your files are never lost. Some providers offer a durability of 99.999% or less. Kinalta files are stored with a durability of 99.999999999%. So, you have 0.000000001% chance of losing any file in a year. This is best in class durability.
As mentioned above, we take your files very seriously.
This is why it costs a little more, because your files are worth it.

The service is intended for B2B, sharing files to a small number of users and clients. Our goal is to help teams with their projects, not to replace storage on a web server or other digital publishing platform. You should not use the service as a CDN.
Your storage limit dictates and is equal to your bandwidth limit per month. The more storage you order, the more bandwidth / download, you can use. If you approach your limit Sam will tell you. You will not notice unless you misuse the system as a web or content server.
If you need to distribute a file to hundreds or more, you should use another solution optimized for that.


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