How to get files from clients?

With Kinalta, it is easy to ask them to upload files.
You can still accept uploads from dropbox, wetransfer, etc from clients.
But why make it so complicated?

All you need is to send them an email with a link and a project code.

Ask you client to upload files to you!

file sharing

Select the Files menu

You must first be in the project. There are many ways to get there.
For example, click the left menu "Projects" and pick a project from the list. Simply make sure the menu on the left is "Project Details".

Click + Guest invite button

Copy the invite

The popup shows a text with a link and a project code.
This is why you "guest invite" from the project you want the files to automatically go to.

Click "copy text", this goes to your clipboard.
Then you can "paste" this text in email and send it to your client.

What the client sees is this, when they click the link


Client confirms code

In the email, you included a project code.
This confirms the link was sent to the right person.
Also, it makes sure any guest upload will go to the right project.

Note: your client does not need to own Kinalta. They do not need to create or register an account. They simply need to type the code you sent them, and then select files.

After they enter the right code, they can upload files


Select files to send

They can also type a note, to give a context to the files they send you.
They select by clicking "+" and then "Upload" button.


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