How do I upload and share files?

Never look for files for your clients in dropbox, google drive or others.
Keep everything with your projects for your team.
With Kinalta, it is easy to add files and documents to your projects.
Your team have access anytime, from anywhere.

When you want to share a file with a client, it is a simple click away.
They do not need to register with us, or go through many hoops.
They receive a simple link to download the file.

Go to the project you want to attach the files

file sharing

Select the Files menu

You must first be in the project. There are many ways to get there.
For example, click the left menu "Projects" and pick a project from the list. Simply make sure the menu on the left is "Project Details".

Click + Upload button, to attach a new file

Select the file on your computer

The file can be anywhere. Click the + button to add one or multiple files at once. They can be huge, up to 25 GB each.
Click "Upload" when you are ready.

It is very important to STAY on this until they are uploaded. If you cancel, or close Kinalta, the upload will fail. This is normal and expected behavior.

Upload is now available to all users within your account


Select share duration

Sharing is optional. The file is already available to anyone authorized in your team's account.

For external users, you may share the file with a link.
Select the duration for this share, you may also select to auto delete the file after the share expires.


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