How do I delegate a task and approve later?

With Kinalta, it is easy to create a task for a project.
Assign it to somebody or to yourself.
Track progress and approve it upon completion.

No more endless emails threads, disappearing text messages and distracting chat rooms.
Get back control and master your projects.

Go to the project you want to create a task in


Select the Tasks menu

You must first be in the project. There are many ways to get there.
For example, click the left menu "Projects" and pick a project from the list. Simply make sure the menu on the left is "Project Details".

Click + New button, to create a task


Describe the task

Typically, you would select the field "When" to "Soon".
Use the "wish start start date" or "wish end date" if you would like. These dates are very handy. They tell the AI in Kinalta to schedule these tasks with a higher priority depending on the current date.

Optionally assign the task to another user in the team


Switch the assigned field

This is optional because when you create a task, it is assigned to yourself automatically.

If you would like somebody else to work on the task, select the "assigned" field and pick another user.

Since you are assigning the task, you become or remain the "approval" for it. It means, when the task will be done, you will see a notification and you will have to approve the task.

No need to send an email to check if they received the information.
No need to send an email to check if they accept the task.

Approve or not the task when done



When you get a notification to approve a task, click on it, it will bring you to the "To Approve" screen.

It is easy to approve, or reject the task.
If rejected, the task will go back in the assignee's task inbox! they will receive a notification.

Make sure to write an explanation in the details tab or the task description, avoiding extra email etc..


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