GoodFirms Accredits Kinalta as the Best Document Management Software

Kinalta, the best-in-class, all-inclusive document management system, is endorsed by GoodFirms as the best Document Management Software.

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Why Is Kinalta the Best Document Management Software?

Kinalta is a cloud-based, unique document management software designed to cover discrete document management needs of businesses of all sizes across various industries, including information technology & services, software engineering, management consulting, marketing & advertising, media production, government administration, social organizations, architecture & planning, and more. The software enables businesses to automate, streamline, and control their extensive document management operations on a unified platform.

The software offers detailed project management and document management tools, including document generation, document assembly, document indexing, document retention, document sharing, document storage, project tracking, task management, workflow automation & management, collaboration, security tools, and more. With such versatile tools, leveraging the Kinalta document management system allows businesses to perform better, enhance operational efficiency, and boost profits at nominal costs.

The company offers reliable and responsive email support and remote help through chat to solve customer queries and ensure the best use of Kinalta software.

Benefits of Using Kinalta Software
• Digital storage and management of business documents through comprehensive tools on a unified platform.
• Better document organization, search, and retrieval.
• Allows easy sharing of tasks, documents, emails, and big files.
• Helps keep notes, documents, and files together within each project.
• Allows easy document collaboration and enhanced workflow management.
• Enables better security and compliance.
• Ensures fast-paced task management of projects in parallel.
• Supports Lean, Kanban, Scrumban, and Scrum methodologies.
• Allows working on multiple Agile projects in parallel.
• Enhances collaboration among various stakeholders of the business.
• Allows users to work remotely from anywhere.
• Enables unlimited projects and unlimited tasks.
• Facilitates time tracking and time-sheets.
• Offers free upgrades and new features.
• Compatible with various devices and operating systems, including web, iPhone, Android, Windows, Mac, Linux, and iPad.

Modules and Features of Kinalta Document Management Software

Project Management Features
• Collaboration Management
• Document Management
• Dashboard
• Portfolio Management
• Project Tracking
• Project Planning
• Reporting and Forecasting
• Task Management
• Timesheets
• Workflow Management
• Alerts/Notifications

Document Management Features
• Collaboration Tools
• Document Assembly
• Document Retention
• Document Sharing
• File Type Conversion
• Version Control

File Sharing Features
• Access Controls/Permissions
• Audit Trail
• Cloud Storage
• Collaboration
• Document Management
• File Synchronization
• Version Control
• Workflow Management

Pricing of Kinalta System
The company enables a simple pricing model for the Kinalta system where all the features are included; it allows unlimited users and projects with 100 GB storage. Customers can choose between monthly or annual payment options. If they decide to pay for the year upfront, they can significantly save on the costs; alternatively, they can choose to pay monthly at a little higher per-month cost. Kinalta system offers extra storage at a nominal additional monthly charge for every extra 100 GB for large businesses. The company also allows a free trial.

The pricing for Kinalta is flexible yet reasonable for the cost-saving, convenience, and upsurge in profits that the software offers businesses through enhanced document management.

Performance Evaluation of Kinalta Software by GoodFirms
GoodFirms is globally acclaimed for identifying, listing, and ranking service companies and products based on their capabilities, innovation, performance, and authentic user reviews. These rankings continue to be the most reliable, prestigious, and trusted recognition worldwide in the B2B sector, serving as a well-founded ground for our users to make informed decisions. The listed companies constitute top performers and market leaders who have attained a remarkable position through enduring quality and integrity.

Following an elaborate, unbiased, and systematic evaluation process, GoodFirms identified and ranked Kinalta as the best Document Management Software on its platform for offering versatile document management tools under one roof, many distinctive offerings, suitability for a wide range of businesses, multi-industry functionality, and simple and reasonable subscription-based pricing.

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Tasks, cards, in list mode

When you work in Kanban mode, you can drag and drop card from one column to the other, showing progression. Even though the same effect exists when you change a field in the task's details.

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Parallel progress: Lean, Agile, and collaborative project management made easy.

Efficiently manage multiple fast-paced projects in parallel with our versatile platform.
Effortlessly collaborate and share tasks, documents, emails and large files with your team.
Kinalta supports Lean Kanban and Scrumban.


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